Thursday, 1 January 2009

LAST DAY.............

.........of crafty freedom!!.....back to my normal job tomorrow(i know..very stupid to return to the office on a Friday.....we all said so! but they didn't listen!!)

I hope you all had a lovely time last night, whatever you got up to!.....we spent a quiet night, just me & hubby and some good food and just a little tipple, so thankfully feeling fine this morning :)

I have some ironing & housework to do this morning......been putting it off....but now it has to be done(grrrr!) Hope to be here later with a card to, best get my butt in gear!!!

Hugs ;-D
Carol x


  1. Happy New Year Carol
    I have some housework that could be getting done too! Grr!! - Have my DT stuff to do as well - haven't been in the crafty mood lately so will have to get to it today!


  2. Happy new year Carol and what a shame you have to go back to work tomorrow...I'm afraid I don't have a clue which day of the week it it is just as well I work for me.
    And me too....I can't get back into crafty mode at all.

  3. Happy New Year :)

    If you pop over to my blog I have something speical for you ok :)

    Honour Roll

    Hugs Heather

  4. that's awful having to go back to work tomorrow- poor you
    Hope you had a nice time though and wishing you all the best for 2009


Thanks for your visit today :) I appreciate your time and your comments and i'd love to come over and visit you too! ;-D
Carol x