Monday, 5 January 2009


The very lovely Jane has given me this one today!
The 'rules' with this one are to list 5 addictions of mine (easy, as i have way more than 5!!) and 5 blogs that i love (hard, as there are way more than 5!!)

Jane makes fabulous scrapbook pages, something that i still want to do so much, but the cards just take over!

However....onto my addictions
Top of the list has to be Basic their stuff! Number 2, i think would have to be ribbon, Number three, has to be a food item........probably cheese, or maybe Walkers Crisps!! Four....mmmm Coffee with Coffee Mate though, not milk, and sadly the last one has to be Nicotine.......tried many times to give up all without success :( my willpower is zilch when it comes to cigarettes!
Now to list 5 favourite blogs..............just cannot do only five, so i would like to offer this to anyone that would like to accept it with my Best Wishes!

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