Tuesday, 23 December 2008


I would like to introduce you to our new girls! Please join me in welcoming Button, Flopsy, Daisy and Speckle........the newest members of the Houghton family :)

My lovely husband Andy drove to Allesley in the West Midlands last Saturday to the Battery Hen Welfare Trust to collect these hens and bring them home to Bedford, hopefully for a long and happy retirement.

The aim of the BHWT which is a registered charity, is to see increased support for British free range farmers and see diminishing sales of eggs from caged hens! They purchase these hens from the farmer on slaughter day, so that people like us can re-home them as pets.

These gorgeous girls were kept in a wire cage the size of one sheet of A4 paper for the last year, unable to even stand upright or stretch their wings, no longer viable for the farmer as they are not producing one egg per hen per day!!

I would love it if you could visit the website and take a good look around it.......maybe you are not able to home some of these ex-bats.....but you may be able to help them in other ways! By making a few simple adjustments to your shopping, YOU can be directly responsible for helping to release a battery hen from her cage.I will continue to document their progress over the coming weeks. they have settled in rather well, but cannot be allowed to roam free in our garden, or mix with our other four bantams and two ducks for a few weeks. They have to be introduced to the world very gradually because of their previous environment!..........maybe, spare a thought next time you go to the store to buy eggs........please try free range! ;-D

Carol x


  1. Bless their little hearts Carol they are beautiful! I always buy free range and I can't believe that some people don't! It's great that you are giving these ladies a lovely life now and I'm sure they are going to be very happy :o)

    Some friends of mine have 3 rescued ex battery hens and they are living the life of riley in their back garden. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that people like you are making a difference :o)

  2. I agree with Jozza! I always buy free range eggs. It breaks my heart to see these poor hens and to think of their lives before but now I have a big smile because they are going to have the best retirement! What a lovely person you are for doing this.
    Anice xx

  3. Fantastic!! And a bit of full frontal nudity going on there from one of your ladies!!!

  4. yip me too always free range
    poor wee souls but they have found a happy home now and I know we will be updated on their progress and their goings on- mind and let us know the first egg you get

  5. Aww Carol this is just brilliant - I always watch what eggs I buy and am always on at my family and friends about the abominal cruelty to these hens - I would save them all if I could - I think I need an animal sanctuary!!! LOL - I hate animal cruelty full stop!
    I'm smiling from ear to ear!!


  6. Oh honey, after seeing your update on the hens I had to come see what they were like when you got them... poor little things...

    Those responsible for keeping these animals in such awful conditions should be given a taste of their own medicine & I for one would quite happily administer it...

    At least your babies can have a happy care free life now...well done.

    Oh yes, we too are a free range household...

    Lorraine xxx


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