Sunday, 21 September 2008


My daughter Rhianna (nearly nineteen)has recently shown an interest in wanting to make some things of her own!
She has always loved the things i make, and always give a good honest opinion when i ask her what she thinks of my latest creation, unlike my husband who always gives the same response by saying 'that's nice'!!!
I have taken some pictures of her recent 'craftiness' to show you today, i think she is well and truly hooked now, and at the rate she's going she may well need her own stash of goodies to dip into!Altered notebook 'HOW much ribbon!!!!' Note to self:- buy more ribbons! :)
This is an ATC size tag, which she says she 'messed' up a bit. I think it looks fab! Love the colours :)

Something a little different now....if you visit often, you will know how much i love animals :)
Our own pets, wildlife, injured things that i find on my travels and try to mend!! Well..... i don't think you have ever had the pleasure of these two darlings :)May i introduce.... Pepsi & Splash, our two Indian Runner Ducks enjoying some time in their pond! Love these girls! :0)

Enjoy your Sunday, i'll see you very soon :)


  1. Rhianna's work is great - love that notebook!

  2. Gorgeous work Rhianna, loving the notebook. Carol there's a couple of awards for you on my blog and also a photo of my golden wedding card. Not as good as yours but i'm happy with it all the same! Jillix

  3. she's getting very good you know- better hide all your stuff she will be after it all
    Cute ducks

  4. The only advice I can offer, is: HIDE YOUR RIBBONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really fab work - get her entering challenges so she can win her own stash!!

  5. Carol, your daughter's projects are wonderful. I love the journal and its ribbons and design too!. The tag is really quite pretty. She really does need to start collecting I think. Great she also has the interest.

  6. gorgeous work Rhianna and I think Mum should be very afraid...the stash is going to be disappearing the ducks they are so cute.

  7. Hi, Beautiful note book. It's so nice to hear that your daughter is getting interested in craft it is such a relaxing hobby! Unless you get a big order or have a deadline! I keep trying to tempt my oldest into scrapbooking! she is very artistic and I know she will love it if she just has a go! I will keep hoping. My mum and I both love crafting it has brought us much closer over the past few years. Antway enough of my ramblings! sorry got carried away! LOL Hope you and your daughter have many happy crafting hours together! Should I take shares out in ribbon companies?

  8. Love the ducks, and LOVE Rhianna's notebook and tag! That girl is really talented! Takes after her mum.

    Chris xx


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