Tuesday, 24 March 2009

DCM Cos i'm a woman!

Now, it may be my sense of humour or it may be that i love chooks! but the focus of the dare this week over at DCM is 'the girls' when we refer to 'the girls' in our house we mean these!!!......

you have of course met them before but not looking quite so lovely.....from left to right we
have....Speckle,Flopsy, Button & Daisy............the four ex-battery hens that we rescued on the 20th December last year....................They've come on so quickly and are lovely friendly birds.....this is what they looked like when we got them home...........
Poor old Button almost looked like she was ready for the oven!!.......that will never happen!!
But now.................her feathers are all growing back and so lovely and white too!Well, i guess you want to see the card i've made! :)
Found this stamp while i was out on Sunday afternoon and just could not resist.......i love the sentiment!...........

Image....Stamps Happen
Inks.... Distress & Archival
Card Blank....Liz's Crafts
Kuretake water brush
I hope this qualifies for the dare this week, but hey if not i had fun making it and you get to see how 'the girls' have blossomed! ;-D

Carol x


  1. oh Carol...it brought to tears to my eyes to see how the girls have come on and the fact that you have given them a happy safe home...love the card too and great sentiment
    Hugs Kath xxxx

  2. Oh, Carol, they look Fab! and I love the phrase on the Card too!

    What I want to know is.......apart from the Browny Coloured one (Obviously Speckle)....how do you tell which one is which?

    Perhaps I shouldn't ask as having a Westie (Mum & Dad having one too) We can tell which is which but other people probably can't lol!
    I presume it's the same lol!

    Suze x

  3. aww dont those chicks look lovely, great card carol, luv the sentiment, sue.x

  4. Oh Carol, they look wonderful! I'm so glad they found you! :) the card fits them too lol

  5. How great of you to rescue them...they all look so happy and healthy!! And, your card is totally cute, of course - just love it Carol! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  6. I love your card! I also love chooks and we refer to ours as the girls too :) except we have 18 and the rooster doesnt like my 4 year old coming into the hen house, I tell her he is just looking out for his girls.

  7. Gorgeous card Carol. That stamp is certainly the perfect one for you to use.

  8. my, they look so fit and healthy now and just ready for the pot!!!! ONLY KIDDING!!!!I could never do that and I know you couldn't either- they have come on wonderful and so is the card
    AllisonX (afraid to sign my name there incase you send a mob out after me but you know I am only kidding)

  9. Your birds look so lovely and healthy. :)

    Love your card, the sentiment is just perfect! :)


  10. I'm not surprised you couldn't resist Carole - it's a great stamp and I love the photos of your real chicks. Well done you on bringing them back to health.

    Ann xxx

  11. great card Carol, and how lovely to see the girls too (actually that makes me giggle as in the US the girls are what you keep in your bra...). How unusual to see white ex bats too. All the ones my DH rescues are red. We had an over ready looking one too but she is fully feathered and gorgeous now!

  12. Love this card Carol!!
    Your girls are gorgeous! The "before" pictures are so sad, but look at those beautiful feathers now! I miss having chickens but until our new neighbors control there dog, we're not able! :(
    Blessings, Maria

  13. That stamp is the business! Great card!

  14. Lovely card reall cute love how most of it is white - makes it striking!
    Im a little bit scared of chickens i think they are wonderful and would love some but the eyes scare me!
    love tasha xx

  15. Hi Carol

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I found your photos of your lovely chickens, aren't the whites lovely, mine are all brown but still gorgeous, in fact Rosie has a really pretty bum!!!

  16. Wow they are all looking great, good job on that. I have lost a lot to a fox :-( An opportunist who came calling in the daytime!! (always a danger for free rangers) Maybe I should get some rescue hens and a gun :-(


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