Saturday, 18 October 2008


Hi Everyone, i'm back from Portugal! We had a great time and the weather was super! Thank you for all your sweet comments while i've been away, i have missed you all and hope to get back on track really soon :)
I thought you may like to see a picture or two, so here they are....
View from our balcony.... 'Ponte Grande' hotel complex.

Our favourite beach 'Praia de Coelha' and yes, that tiny figure is me! We were lucky to find this piece of heaven the very first time we visited Portugal in 2002, and have been going back ever since. The building you can see is a super little restaurant, perfect for the hungry sunbathers!!
Some friends i made....having their tin of Tuna! on the way to the beach. (not so tiny here!!!midriff bulge or what!!!!)
Up in the mountains at 'Monchique'

Portugal is such a beautiful country, and the people are very friendly. I always hate coming home, but then i start to look forward to the next time, which i hope won't be too far away!

Thanks for popping in today, see you soon :)
Carol x


  1. great to have you back Carol and wow did you have a great the pics and those cute kittys...there is a little something for you on my blog

  2. Looks fantastic! And welcome back!


Thanks for your visit today :) I appreciate your time and your comments and i'd love to come over and visit you too! ;-D
Carol x