Monday, 30 June 2008

MUM'S GONE OUT! Come on you lot!!!

Just thought you may like to see some more pictures of our little family :) They almost gave me heart failure last night, when they all decided to come out of the nest and have a wander around!
I was worried because their mum had decided to go off into a neighbour's garden at the time, so she wasn't around to look out for them!! There are five of them altogether, the largest being about the size of a tennis ball!! I guess that one was at the front of the queue at milk time! :)
Aren't they just so adorable? You will be happy to know(as i was!!) that they all made it safely back to the nest, and were all snuggled up safe and warm when Andy checked on them this morning!
They should be with us for another four weeks or so, before they leave the nest permanently, but we are hoping to mark them before they go, then we will know if they return at a later date!!
I am not so good at taking photo's (!) but i hope you enjoy the story so far! :) :)

Hoggy Hugs!
Carol x


  1. Oh my word! They are too adorable for words!!! So so cute bless them! Haven't they grown??! Bet you will really miss the little cuties when they are ready to leave :o(

    Thanks so much for sharing their progress with us - I've loved it!

  2. Oh they are so cute .....adorable little spikey tennis balls...I tell you Carol this is better than springwatch and thanks so much for sharing this with us's just fabulous...I am on the point of tears..silly old moo me...

  3. oh how cute and how they have grown hope you get more photos before they leave

  4. Aww, bless them! They're gorgeous!! They're like miniature adults already!! Love 'em!

    Thanks for sharing the pics with us! :o)

    Heather xx

  5. Those are gorgeous babies! We used to have a hedgehog family years ago in a previous house and they were quite tame, you could stroke their noses.


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