Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Bedford Springwatch reporting on the latest from the 'Hoggy Nursery' :) :)

Now... this picture is not a good one, but, it's the best we could get without disturbing our little family too much!
My husband literally lifted the straw slightly and then stuck his arm in! He has to wear gloves as the scent from his hands could cause the mother to abandon the babies, and obviously that is the last thing we want to happen, so hence the image is not brilliant.
I think i can see three of the hoglets here, so i guess the others are hiding under the straw!! We are hoping to get another photo at the weekend.... i'll keep you posted :)

I've re-sized the photo, so click to get a larger one :)


  1. Om-goodness they are tiny and so adorable. We found a hedgehog in our garden once (in South Africa) and he was so incredibly cute. Can't wait to see how these little ones grow

  2. they r so cute!! how lucky to be able to see such lovely little creatures!


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