Monday, 16 June 2008


It's still really hard to tell which end is which!! The first picture is from Sat 7th, when we really quickly took a look in the morning and they were all busy suckling :) Cannot tell yet exactly how many there are, but we think 5 or 6!Obviously we have been observing as much as we can, and we noticed over the last few days that she has been leaving the house in the daylight to top up on food(we are getting through so much cat food, you wouldn't believe it!!!) She usually comes out between six and seven in the evening, so yesterday whilst she was out we took this picture, and even without her there we are still not certain how many there are!!!

I just want to cuddle them, but of course i can't do that!! They are so adorable, i think there will be some tears when they leave, but i feel very privileged to have seen this so up close and personal :) Reminds me a bit of the time when we had two fledgling blackbirds in our bathroom for two weeks.....but that's a whole other story!!!!

Click on photo's to get larger view!


  1. They are so cute & adorable. At the moment I have a fledgling crow in my garage & boy is he noisy when he wants fed...

    Keep up the good work.

    Lorraine xxx

  2. You are excited as if you have 3 more grandchildren, but I know how much pleasure they will give you over th next few weeks. Congratulations


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