Saturday, 12 April 2008


This is our beautiful Granddaughter Danielle having one of her painting sessions!! We are so lucky that we get to see her as often as we do, and most Sundays when they are here for the day, her most favourite thing to do is painting :) (She gets most of it on the paper really!!!)
We are barely cleared away from Sunday lunch before she is asking 'Nanma, do painting now?' It is so funny that she can say Granddad perfectly, but i'm still Nanma and it just sounds so adorable :)
She will be here tomorrow for the whole day and her Mummy and Daddy are off to the NEC, so we get her all to ourselves :) i can hardly wait!!! I think painting will be on the agenda :) and maybe a trip to the park if the weather is kind!
Enjoy your Sunday..... i will definately enjoy mine :) :)

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Thanks for your visit today :) I appreciate your time and your comments and i'd love to come over and visit you too! ;-D
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