Monday, 7 April 2008


Sometimes i am really bad! :( and i don't always have the time to visit everyone that is kind enough to leave me a comment :) I do try and go back through my blog and repay the compliment, but sometimes several days will have passed before i get around to you all!!

I am so glad i decided to do this otherwise i may have missed the chance to see such stunningly beautiful cards made by the very talented Peet, you have to go and look for yourselves to see how this lady makes every card into a complete work of art!!

This is my way of saying thanks to each and everyone of you that pops into my little corner of the crafty world :) :) Crafter's are the BEST!!!!


  1. thanks for the link! really lovely things to discover
    little angel

  2. ooohhh, thank you Carol!!
    You make such beautiful cards yourself, love them!!!

    Peet xxx

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Thanks for your visit today :) I appreciate your time and your comments and i'd love to come over and visit you too! ;-D
Carol x