Saturday, 10 May 2008

THERE WERE 3 IN A BED...........

....and the little one said 'Roll Over, Roll Over' !
As mentioned in my previous post, the Hedgehogs are back in our garden again this year, which we are all thrilled about!! This is them asleep during the day in a specially designed box that Andy(hubbie) made for them, in the hope that they would indeed make good use of! And.. as you can see, they are doing just that :)
We put food out for them each night at dusk, and as the night progresses they come out and fill their bellies! Hedgehogs are not normally communal creatures, they do like their own space, so it was quite a shock to find three in the box on Friday morning! Yes, there is three in there, the one we have named Little Hoppy(poorly right front leg which makes it limp!) is hiding under the straw in the top right corner.
Today when we peeped in, there are only two asleep, and some days it's just Little Hoppy all on his own!!, he is the one we see the most after dark, but he is also the smallest, so maybe he is trying to build himself up a bit :)
They usually get used to our voices over the course of the summer, so hopefully this years 'residents' will stay a while.....I really hope so :)


  1. Aw soooo cute! We also have hedgehog visitors often very late at night when they come and pinch the cat biscuits that we leave out on our patio. The most we've had at one time has been 3. My kids think we just have one and they call "her" Hermione :o)

  2. Wow how cute are they. Don't have any hedgehogs in my garden that I know of just lots and lots of birds which eat me out of house and home. If I don't keep their feeders topped up they come and sit on the step just outside the patio doors and wait. I've also got a heap of nesting boxes and it's hilarious when the chicks are leaving the nest - very kamikaze flying and we ended up with one in the house lat year - think he took a wrong turning.

  3. Arrrr....such cute hedgehogs! We have quite a few in our garden and I feed them very late at night! Just love them - and the Penny Black hedgehog stamps!

  4. Ohhh, how adorable!! I love hedgehogs! They are just so cute!

    H xx


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