Saturday, 31 May 2008

OMG !!! I'm so excited !!....

As mentioned before(see post 10th May) we have regular Hedgehog visitors into our garden every year, this year is no exception, and we see at least one every night when they emerge to eat the food that we put out.
This morning, we discover that one has given birth in our Tortoise house!!!!

Our little tortoise house at the bottom of our garden, is now a 'Hoggy Nursery' !!!! There are at least six Hoglets, we think they were only born last night, as they only have white spines at the moment! and are very tiny.

At the moment we are not sure which 'Mummy' it is as she was curled in a ball, and we didn't want to have the door open too long in case they got cold!! We put some food in just in case Mum gets hungry, but now we just have to let nature take it's course and hope they all survive!
I'm so excited, and apprehensive all at the same time! I'm completely 'soppy' when it comes to animals, so i really hope our new 'family' grow and thrive, and i will be keeping everything crossed for the next few weeks hoping for the best outcome!

I have some projects i want to do today, so here's hoping that i can take my eyes off this 'residence' long enough to actually get anything done!! Have a great day whatever you are doing! :) and i'll see you soon :0)


  1. wow carol how wonderful little baby hoggys and right there in your garden. Like you I am a big animal lover and was sitting having my coffee yesterday at the back door just watching the birds going about their business, they are so cute, when the tiniest little field mouse scuttled past me into the vent - he obviously has made a home in the foundations of the house. Love to Mum and all the babies..fingers crossed they all survive but hey she is a very wise Mum and has made her anest in a wonderful place.

  2. Hasn't she just, Kath! What a darling little des res!! Whose handiwork is that, then? :o)

    Congrats again, Carol, on your new arrivals!! :o)

    Heather xx

  3. Ooooh...I can't wait to see a picture!

  4. Oooh how exciting!!! I LOVE hedgehogs and am more than a little jealous tha t you have some babies! Wow!! Hope they all thrive for you hun! xxx

  5. That is so cool of you to to this. You have a huge heart!!! Shanna


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