Friday, 28 December 2007

MY BABY IS 18 !!!

Yes, my youngest daughter is now 18,..... gosh it makes me feel old to say that, the years have flown by, but luckily we have loads of pictures and of course the memories will hopefully last forever(need to stop right here otherwise i won't be able to see the keyboard!!)

She loved this card i made for her, although she was horrified by the hair! She spends lots of time on personal hygiene and her hair is one thing that has to be just perfect! In this photo she was about 8 months old and whatever i tried to do to make her hair look girly, it was all in vain as it just insisted on sticking up on end!!! I wrote inside the card 'whoever thought this spiky haired little girl would turn out to be so beautiful' Happy 18th Birthday Rhianna' lots of love from Mum & Dad. Look at her now....our very own princess!!

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