Sunday, 10 August 2008


Have not been here for a few days, and Saturday is when i usually do most of my crafting after having been at work all week, it helps me wind down! However, yesterday i decided that instead of card making, i really should be cleaning my home! :)

Now, i don't want you to think that this is a rarity!! but most of the time it's superficial, i just vacuum, dust, and generally wipe around the kitchen with my anti-bacterial spray! I started to do my usual wiping round of the kitchen as i would normally do on a Saturday morning, but then something seemed to take over and the result was that i spent the whole day bleaching all the tiled walls,(the whole kitchen is tiled in 2 inch square light cream tiles!!!) the ceiling, cleaning the oven and the hob, the windows, all the unit doors and last but by no means least the floor!! my kitchen is very old, and in serious need of refurbishment, but for now it's as shiny as a new pin :-)
I went to bed last night very achy and tired but with a sense of achievement, like i used to get when i had completed a large pile of ironing! now i just buy as many clothes as i can that have the pre-crinkled look, you know the ones, just twist them up and tie in a knot!! sounds good to me :)

Hope to get back to the card making very soon, cleaning is boring!!!!


  1. Steady, Carol... You'll put us all to shame! ;o)

    Missing your cards.

    Chris xx

  2. Hehehehe!! I try and resist those cleaning urges and usually do quite well!!

  3. Well done you....a girl after my own heart....once you clean a little bit well you just have to carry on...I have these mad moments too but luckily they don't happen too often. I clean my craft room more often than my kitchen.

  4. eh housework what is that!


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